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June 23, 2023

NEW DELHI: Lighting is one of the important aspects of a modern lifestyle. Today, our life revolves around lighting technology, but in our dependence on the lighting – we can’t ignore the fact that energy preservation is a very crucial subject and we have to seriously think about it.

Today, if you want your kids to use lighting technology, then you have to start thinking about sustainable lighting solutions. Adopting sustainable lighting solutions isn’t hard, it just requires a little extra planning and attention. You can easily start following sustainable lighting choices by considering a few things:

1. Go for LED

The foremost solution that you can follow to adopt a sustainable lighting solution in your home or office would be to replace your regular bulbs with LED light bulbs. The LED light bulbs consume less energy as compared to incandescent lights. It is averagely estimated that 75% of energy can be preserved with the LED and they can be used 25 times as compared to other lighting solutions. So, by adopting LEDs, you will be able to make a great significant impact in your sustainable lifestyle.

2. Use Practical Lighting

To make a sustainable lighting structure, you need to strategically plan your home lighting system in a manner that you can achieve two benefits from one solution. Like, if you want to install reading lights beside your bed, then set it up in such a manner that they can illuminate your entire bedroom at the time of need. You should plan your lighting structure with a practical mindset instead of decorating your home. The practical ideology will help you in achieving sustainable solutions better.

3. Use Walls Properly

You need to use your home or office walls as a canvas to illuminate your surroundings. Walls have a very interesting feature where they can reflect lights so you need to use this nature of walls in your favor to create a bright room. You need to consider the placement of lighting fixtures systematically on your walls so that more light will reflect to create a brighter atmosphere while consuming less energy.

4. Use Dimmers

Dimming technology continues to advance and consumers that adopt this trend into their home or office often see benefits to both quality of life and their utility bill. One another benefit of using dimmer with your light bulbs is that it will make the life of your lighting source longer as you can dim the power. This will eventually will be highly economical for you also.

5. Keep Lighting Fixtures Clean

If you want your lighting fixtures to properly illuminate your home with the brightness, then you have to keep your lighting fixtures neat and clean. Now, if a thin layer of dust particles has been developed around your LED bulbs, then the light emitted from bulb won’t be powerful. This way you have to increase the intensity of the bulb that will eventually increase energy consumption. So, never let the dust settle on your lighting fixtures.

As you can see, following a sustainable lighting solution isn’t hard. Just be cautious of your lighting choices and you are all ready for sustainable lighting culture.

  • Published On Dec 27, 2019 at 05:54 PM IST

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