About Us

At Yours Properties, we understand that people everywhere are searching for a home to call their own. A home is a cherished memory that lasts forever, where the walls embrace memories, the ceilings shelter love and laughter, the quiet corners offer a much-needed pause, and life itself becomes a reason to celebrate. We want to make the journey as joyful as the moment when you finally find the perfect home. So we begin by partnering with our customers from the start and being there when it matters the most—right from online search to brokers to home loans to paperwork to finally finding that perfect home. Yours Properties can help you find happiness.

Our Mission

To be the first choice for our consumers and partners in their journey of discovering, renting, buying, selling, and financing a home. We do that with data, design, technology, and above all the passion of our people while delivering value to our shareholders.

Gurugram City

Why Choose Us

We provide full service at every step


Excellence is not just a word. It’s that restless feeling in the gut. That feeling of wanting more. Wanting to be great.


We don’t work in a company. We are the company! Its face, its soul, its voice. Its flesh and bones. So, let’s embrace it. Make it personal. Make it heart.


Respect yourself. Respect the one sitting next to you. Respect the one not sitting next to you. Respect him. Respect her. Respect. Because till you don’t give it, you won’t get it.


Walls are meant to be broken. Boundaries are meant to be blurred. And we are meant to be all for one and one for all.


We are always looking to improve, to change, to disrupt. Because with change comes unseen possibilities.


We stand by our words. We say what we believe. And we do what we say. So, let’s, talk the talk. And walk the walk.

Meet Our Team

Creator, designer, and world-class problem solver.
Chief Executive Officer

Utkarsh Shrivastav

Chief Financial Officer

Shubham Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

Abhay Kumar Singh

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