Li-Fi technology to deliver exceptional reliability in future, ET RealEstate

June 24, 2023

NEW DELHI: Wireless Fidelity (Wi-fi) seems to be struggling at transmitting data with the required speed against the interferences. Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a new technology alleged to be the solution for all the internet speed issues. It is a Visual Light Communication (VLC) system that can help in making wireless communications happen at a lightning speed. Transmitting the data via light is its key function.

Li-fi uses basic household LED bulbs to transfer data. It is professed to function at a flying speed of 224 gigabytes per second. These bulbs function as the routers of the system. Visible light band in the electromagnetic spectrum is available free of cost. Hence, it does not need any license for implementation.

Li-fi is extremely reliable as it provides 1000x data intensity enhancing the user experience on multiple levels. It offers three times lower latency than the Wi-Fi and in turn, creates more room for innovation and advancement. Li-Fi uses light frequency signals, hence any other electromagnetic signals are not hampered. This property makes Li-fi free from any interferences, which is a major problem with Wi-fi as it uses radio frequency signals.

Li-F is more definitive and secure than the current technology i.e, Wi-Fi or cellular. It also provides with localisation, tracking and authentication because lights can be easily secured in physical spaces.

LiFi signals are secure as light does not penetrate through walls. It can also pass through salty seawater and can work in high dense areas/regions. It is human-friendly as light does not pass through the human body. It also has low operational, installation and maintenance costs. It consumes less power and also has a lesser complex system.

Li-Fi can work in the presence of direct sunlight as Li-Fi lights modulate at a very high frequency whereas the sunlight is constant and the LEDs are conditioned to detect the modulated light. Li-FI is a bidirectional technology. It allows both uploads and downloads at very high speed. Along with all these perks, it is also more environment-friendly than Wi-Fi.

Like every other technology, Li-Fi has its own limitations which is why it is not yet commercially mainstream. It only works on the devices that have Li-Fi receptors installed. The coverage is restricted to around 10 meters. It is difficult to provide uninterrupted internet access outdoor. The plans to find solutions to seamlessly switch between WiFi and Li-Fi are at its initial stages.

However, if the Li-Fi technology comes to place, every street light can have a free data access point. Hence it is expected to be unprecedently reliable in the future.

  • Published On Jun 7, 2019 at 12:14 PM IST

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