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June 24, 2023

NEW DELHI: A large portion of your electricity bills goes directly toward paying for the lighting that has been consumed by you. The lighting fixtures such as bulbs, tube lights, chandeliers, etc.can make a significant change in your electricity consumption if they are used properly.

If you develop good lighting habits, then your lights can play an important role in saving the energy consumption level.

In the below section, we have created a list of the facts that will make you understand how your lighting fixtures have been consuming the energy and how effective use of the lighting can preserve the energy.

As per the data presented by the US Department of Energy Saving, it has been concluded that around 6% of the household energy has been consumed by the lighting sources which makes them the third-largest factor behind the heating and cooling in your home.

Whenever you leave a 100W light bulb on at your home, then you are producing enough carbon dioxide to fill up two balloons which are a lot of carbon dioxide to increase the temperature of your home. And, when you are using multiple bulbs, then this will increase the heat level of your home and to cool it down, you have to use the air conditioner which means double consumption of electricity.

How To Use Lighting Effectively to Save Energy?

From the above two mentioned facts, it is evident that lighting plays an important role in saving energy. But, today we can’t live without the proper lighting fixtures in our homes.

Then, what’s the solution? You just need to use lighting fixtures properly in your home to make then energy sufficient. To get the energy-efficient lighting system in your home, you can use the following tips.

1. Replace Incandescent Bulbs

For starters, you can take a big step and replace all your incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient star bulbs like LED and fluorescent bulbs.

It is recorded by the energy-efficient department that if every house present in the United States replace their traditional light bulbs with the energy-saving bulb, then they can save the energy to provide lighting for 3 million houses for an entire year. That in financial terms means savings of $600 million per annum.

Moreover, this can affect the greenhouse gases emission as 9 billion per annum gases can be eliminated from the earth with this one step. This is impact is equal to revoking 800,000 cars from the road.

2. Reduce the Wattage

You should use the bulbs and other lighting appliances of low wattage because there’s no benefit of using high powered lights.

You should select the wattage of your lighting fixture according to the requirement of your room such as for office space you might need bigger wattage of light, but for a home, less wattage will be sufficient.

3. Avoid using Multiple Fittings

To avoid unnecessary wastage of the electrical fixtures, you should not add multiple low wattage lighting fixtures at your place. That’s because too many fittings will consume the high energy as compared to one incandescent bulb.

Lights play an important role in saving energy so you should always pay attention to the level of energy consumption when you add new lighting fixture at your home or office. You need to be very careful about your energy consumption because one careless move by you can destroy lots of energy which can be used for much better purposes.

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