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June 24, 2023

NEW DELHI: Artificial lighting was first introduced in 1879 and since then it has become one of the most important parts of our lives. Earlier our lives used to depend on the sunlight, but today we are totally at the mercy of artificial lights.

These lights have offered us numerous benefits, but we can’t ignore the harmful impacts of the artificial lights on our body and mind. Multiple negatives impacts are imposed by artificial lights on the human body.

Negative Health Affect of Artificial Lights

If you stay under the exposure of artificial lights a lot, then you need to beware of these following health problems.

Disturbed Sleep

Melatonin is the neurotransmitter that regulates our day-night sleep cycle. Multiple studies have shown that overexposure to high-blue spectrum light like the light of your mobile phone or television screen can disturb the production of melatonin in our body.

This will further disturb the circadian rhythms and eventually results in the situation like insomnia as well as seasonal affective disorder.

Moreover, apart from the effect of blue light, the background noises coming from the lighting ballasts can also create difficulty in the sleep. It is one of the major harmful impacts of artificial lights on the human body.

Weak Immune System

If your body isn’t exposed to the natural sunlight, then apart from the reduction in the production of the melatonin, you will also suffer from the deficiency of vitamins C and D. These two vitamins are two fundamental elements to maintain the human immune system.

On the contrary, exposure to natural light as compared to artificial lights can prevent and cure numerous medical conditions such as sclerosis, hypertension and few autoimmune diseases. You can protect your immune system by spending a few hours daily under the fresh sunlight.

Excessive Weight Gain

It has been also proven by numerous studies that poor sleep due to artificial lighting can also impact our metabolism. That’s because reduces sleep encourages the production of Ghrelin in our body. It is a hormone that regulates appetite.

With its increase in the body, you will see an increase in your hunger and decrease the energy from being awake for so long. So, your body won’t burn calories and keep on increasing them which eventually results in gaining more bodyweight. Sleep deprivation due to artificial lighting can increase your body weight drastically.

Increase in Stress Level

The human body is intrinsically connected to nature, so when you are away from the natural light for a long time, then your stress level will eventually increase.

The exposure to natural light and sounds can reduce the stress level from your body and calm your heartbeat. On the contrary, less exposure to it will elevate the stress level in your body and make you dull.

Us humans need to stay connected with the natural light in one way or another. Otherwise, our body won’t function properly in the absence of natural light. So, artificial lights are very useful, but we should not spend our entire day under their influence. For good health, we all should spend some time under the fresh sunlight to improve our health.

  • Published On Nov 4, 2019 at 10:00 AM IST

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