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June 23, 2023

LiFi is the future of WiFi where data will be transmitted through lighting sources. This lighting technology is going to change the dimensions of the internet as well as the lighting industry. So, many areas will receive the wrath of this innovative technology positively that it is hard to express.

WiFi has already revamped the digital world and make people more familiar with the internet. But, with the LiFi technology, this is going to increase one notch up as LiFi is more powerful than WiFi. LiFi is going to target more industries as compared to WiFi. This technology will improve operations of the following industries at first.


LiFi is going to be a great tool for the military industry as they can benefit from it a lot. Due to the privacy and security features of LiFi – the military can use it to send confidential data without getting leaked. The average range of LiFi is going to be in a tent, thus military can limit access to sensitive information under the specific lighting source. This will be a great tool to establish anonymity.


LiFi is going to revamp the communication sector as well by enabling the facility of the underwater internet connection. As we all know that light can easily travel through water, unlike WiFi radio signals which won’t pass through water. This technology will benefit underwater vehicles to establish communication with one another.

Internet of Things

The speed of LiFi is going to be 100 times faster, then the WiFi which eventually going to make a huge impact on the internet of things technology. When the internet will be able to transmit at a much faster speed, it will be convenient to connect more internet-based devices together and produce a smart environment effortlessly.

Street Lighting

The small cities can definitely gain a huge benefit from the LiFi technology as it will program street lights to provide internet access to the phone or other gadgets. This way the government can offer public internet access to people who are walking alone at night. It will work as a security tool for citizens. Moreover, it will also help with tourism by providing an outlet for local information. With the easy availability of the internet connection, the dream of building smart cities will come true very soon.

Automobile Communication

Car headlights and rear lights could be fitted with Li-Fi enabled LED lightbulbs, which in turn could lead to car-to-car communication.

Security Industry

The range of LiFi technology is shorter than the WiFi which makes it a secure and safe option to transfer data. With the shorter length, there will be less room for malicious interception within the data stream. This will make the workflow of industries much more efficient where a large amount of confidential data is handled and transferred such as the healthcare industry.

LiFi is indeed going to improve the workflow of so many different business industries. This revolutionary technology can truly create a secure, safe, and private environment to transmit data at high speed. So, in short, all the leading industries can benefit from LiFi in one or another way.

  • Published On Nov 8, 2019 at 10:00 AM IST

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